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We get many different species to this beautiful location ~ just this year alone we have had a tremendous range of birds and wildlife as seen photographed by our guests. The sea eagle, golden eagle and osprey were all photographed within a couple of hours of each other from our beach by a very lucky guest who was fishing the loch!

We have a pair of Osprey that nest close by and can be seen regularly across the beach during the summer months, they also perch in the trees looking into the stocked lochan at what they hope maybe their next meal! We have several resident owls that hoot away to each other on clear nights. Buzzards are regularly seen crossing the garden. Plus numerous visiting wading birds that “pop” in at different times of year. We have ever growing families of ducks and pheasants that come up to us for breakfast every morning!

Visitors regularly see otter in the loch early evening or early morning, we enjoy seeing them in the loch but don’t want them to find the stocked lochan ~ as they will think that they have found a great “take away restaurant”! We have had a resident red squirrel arrive this year ~ his cheeky antics have been enjoyed by many. We have several elusive pine marten living within the grounds, they are nocturnal and very shy but have been seen by lucky “early risers” and are heard regularly on the lodge roofs! Although extinct in England they are steadily growing in numbers in this area of Scotland.

Within the grounds we have families of roe deer, Japanese sikka deer and monkjack deer. The red deer visit in the winter when they come down from the hills looking for food. So as much as we love to see them….when you see them eating … sadly it’s the garden shrubs that disappear! We are very lucky to have such a wonderful array of wildlife here in the grounds, with much more in the local area. There are various wild life trips that can be arranged locally….or you can just sit quietly here and hope that you are lucky!